Once upon a time at the beginning of seminary (ca. 2014), I took an icon writing workshop with Iconographer Eileen McGuckin at Union Theological Seminary. I connected with the practice as a spiritual discipline, and have since written several icons.

At present I do not take commissions, though I would love to hear from you about what saints and images you dream of seeing in a devotional object. I also occasionally print icon cards or make smaller icon replicas, mounted on wood with imitation gold leaf and a hand painted border. Contact me via the “About” page for further inquiries.

Currently Available: Oscar Romero Icon Mini’s (approx. 5.5″ x 6.75″). I can send them to you for the cost of materials & shipping (approx. $18). Note that these have some minor flaws due to damage from humidity, which I’ve fixed with paint to the best of my ability. Send me a message if you are interested in these!

The Samaritan Woman at the Well

“St. Photini” (2021)

Our Lady of the Resurrection


St. Hilda of Whitby


St. Oscar Romero


St. Maxiumus the Confessor