Photo of Heidi smiling and holding her two siamese-mix cats, Max and Violet, who look somewhat less happy about being held.

The Rev. Heidi Thorsen

Hello! My name is Heidi Thorsen (she/her). I am an Episcopal Priest living and serving in New Haven, CT (Assistant Rector, Trinity on the Green), with roots in evangelical Christianity and the beautiful state of California, where I grew up. Preaching sermons is one of the ways that I feel most closely connected to God. I preach what my own soul needs to hear, often without planning exactly where the sermon will end up (it’s a process). I preach with hope and faith that we are more alike than we are different, and that what I need to hear may be something you need to hear too. And finally, I preach with the conviction that Jesus became human to save us – and that somehow, in sharing our humanity, Jesus shows us a way out of the sin and selfishness that we all too easily get tangled up in. Jesus’ ministry was contextual, and so is ours. Each one of us holds wisdom and revelation that can only come through our own lived experiences – experiences that God has been guiding and watching closely all along.

I also write poetry on occasion, and paint (“write”) icons. These, too, are ways to deepen my faith and live more authentically.

On a more casual note: I love hiking, cheese, tea, romance novels, and quality time with my husband, baby S, and two beautiful cats.

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