Ich·thy·ol·o·gy is the branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish (including sharks). Ich·THEO·ol·o·gy is the name of this blog – a repository of writing about God, sharks, and other fearful/wonderful things that hover beneath the surface.

Don’t get the shark thing? Read more here or here, for a start.

Recent Sermons

Angry Voices

“We feel anger when the world as it is, is out of sync with the world as it should be. And if we don’t find ways to express our anger in loving, healthy ways, that same anger will show its angry face, one way or another. If we don’t find ways of expressing our anger… Read more Angry Voices

The Baby in the Mirror

“Children ages zero through five— roughly the same ages as the children we are baptizing today— are going through this amazing process of self-awareness. Just imagine what those revelations would feel like: this body is me. This body is me forever. I believe something very similar happens when we, as Christians, gather to celebrate the… Read more The Baby in the Mirror

Love and Justice

There is no justice without love. Jesus came into this world with a bold proclamation: that every person on the face of this earth deserves love…. The first act of injustice that the unjust judge makes is this: he fails to love the widow. He fails to see her as a child of God. Sermon… Read more Love and Justice

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