Ich·thy·ol·o·gy is the branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish (including sharks). Ich·THEO·ol·o·gy is the name of this blog – a repository of writing about God, sharks, and other fearful/wonderful things that hover beneath the surface.

Don’t get the shark thing? Read more here or here, for a start.

Recent Sermons

Strangers in a Cafe

“How do you know when you know the will of God? That’s a question that I’ve been grappling with this week (my whole life, really), and I’m not sure that there’s a straightforward answer. But perhaps it’s a little bit like being a stranger in a cafe: you reach out your hand to God, in…

Moonless Christmas

“What an incredible gift that is: the gift of a new beginning. That is the promise of the new moon. That is the promise of the winter solstice. That is the promise of a sunrise. That is the promise of freshly fallen snow. And that, above all, is the promise of Jesus Christ.” Sermon Preached:…

Waiting is a Verb

“How are you waiting? Are you waiting like I sometimes wait in a line in the supermarket: bored and frustrated, because it feels like there’s nothing you can do to help the line move faster, to get you where you really need to be? Or are you waiting like John the Baptist in the wilderness?…

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