Ich·thy·ol·o·gy is the branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish (including sharks). Ich·THEO·ol·o·gy is the name of this blog – a repository of writing about God, sharks, and other fearful/wonderful things that hover beneath the surface.

Don’t get the shark thing? Read more here or here, for a start.

Recent Sermons

Slippery Slope

“Jesus uses these hyperboles to make a point– to drive home the idea that every action we take is significant…. As followers of Christ, we aren’t just responsible for the big ticket commandments – things like “thou shalt not murder,” or “thou shalt not steal.” We are also responsible for our everyday actions…. each of…

Strangers in a Cafe

“How do you know when you know the will of God? That’s a question that I’ve been grappling with this week (my whole life, really), and I’m not sure that there’s a straightforward answer. But perhaps it’s a little bit like being a stranger in a cafe: you reach out your hand to God, in…

Moonless Christmas

“What an incredible gift that is: the gift of a new beginning. That is the promise of the new moon. That is the promise of the winter solstice. That is the promise of a sunrise. That is the promise of freshly fallen snow. And that, above all, is the promise of Jesus Christ.” Sermon Preached:…

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